How is this course structured? (1 min)

We intentionally made each topic section as short and to the point as possible. We don’t want to bog you down!

We want to CNECT you with fundamental concepts and tools that you can put into practice.

Each topic covered in this course consists of a brief 30 second introductory video, a series of short 3-5 minute long reads (interspersed with graphics emphasizing key concepts), and a 4-6 minute video interview. For each topic you can expect us to:
  • Define the mental health challenge
  • Provide some context about why this is important
  • Show examples of where and when it shows up
  • Provide practical tools and printable infographics

Throughout the course you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from some dear friends of Not 9 To 5--these folks are champions of mental health awareness within our industry, sharing their insights and stories in short video clips.