Primary Concerns by Not 9 to 5 Org

Learn more about mental health & substance use to gain support skills for yourself and others!

Primary Concerns

A course to educate and train you in mental health and substance use support skills so that you know how to identify, understand and respond to crisis situations.

Course enrolment is open now, get access for free until the end of 2020!


Not 9 to 5 presents CNECTING - a platform to distribute educational courses and bring the hospitality, food and beverage community together.

CNECT stands for Change Needs Everyone Coming Together.
Historically the hospitality industry has unconventional hours, low and unreliable pay, high-stress pressure, and a lack of healthcare benefits.
There is easy access to alcohol and we have high rates of substance use. 

When we asked our hospitality community, 90% said YES to experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges.

We are not as alone as we feel.

Everyone has mental health yet we live in a culture where workers are expected to repress and suppress mental and emotional experiences, and even worse are told not to talk about them, and to “check them at the door”.

That's where the Primary Concerns online course from Not 9 to 5 comes in. 

As hospitality workers, we feed, nurture and care for others and this course is here to do the same for you.

It can help you in maintaining your own mental health, and can also serve as a guide if you’re holding space to care for another person experiencing a mental or emotional crisis.

This course is a love letter to all who have struggled with mental health or substance use. We designed this for the hospitality, food and beverage community but ultimately it’s for everyone. 

How will Primary Concerns help me?

In this course we will show you how to:

  • Identify when a person may be a danger to themselves or others;
  • Recognize the signs of mental health problems and provide help to prevent more serious problems or avoid crises;
  • Provide comfort to someone with a mental health problem and support them in recovery;
  • Guide a person toward appropriate professional help;
  • Improve one’s own mental health;
  • Support the creation of a psychologically safe workplace. 

CNECTing Primary Concerns course available for free until December 31, 2020!

Meet The Team

Not 9 to 5 is a non-profit organization empowering hospitality, food and beverage service workers by mobilizing education and support for mental health and substance use. Not 9 to 5 promotes harm reduction practices and helps to connect the hospitality workforce to mental wellness resources.

Hassel Aviles (Culinary Events & Marketing professional)
Ariel Coplan (Executive Chef & Restaurateur)


Stephen Michlits & Theshan Puvi
Branding & Graphic Design

Instagram: @hellobrandsicle

Working Together

Heather Cosidetto & Stefan Morales
Learning & Education Specialists


WOW Great Stuff

Kat Espiritu
Director & Video Producer

Instagram: @katdoingstuff

Healthy Pour

Laura Green, LPC
Mental Health Professional & Advisor

Instagram: @healthy.pour


Michael Fraser
Fundraising Specialist


Milestones Public Relations

Jenny Shin
Media & Public Relations

Instagram: @milestones_public_relations

Special acknowledgement to:

They say it takes a village and this course was no exception.
Other key partners that helped bring this project to life include our Project Manager Kate Clegg, Community Outreach Lead Charlotte Langley, Not 9 to 5 Volunteer Manager Alexis Kronwald-deBruyn, Mental Health Advisor Tanya Aviles, the Not 9 to 5 volunteer team, Advisory Board of Directors & all members of the Not 9 to5 Mental Health Hospitality Coalition. Big shoutout to Second Floor Events that generously donated their space to us!

Massive thank you to all of the industry leaders that participated in our video interviews and shared their stories including Jennifer Crawford, Amanda Chen, Funmilade Adeniyi-taiwo, Matty Matheson and Daniel Sanchez.